BTO Webs Count

What is a Webs Count?

WeBS surveyors monitor the UK's internationally important non-breeding waterbirds. Following a tradition begun in 1947, wetland sites are counted once per month, providing data for population and trends in abundance and distribution. This can be anything from counting your local pond to large estuaries and lochs.

In the Channel Islands, these are done across Jersey, Guernsey, Herm and here on Alderney. The Alderney Wildlife Trust, Société Jersiaise and La Société Guernesiaise are always looking for volunteers to survey more areas and contribute to increasing the understanding of our wetland birds.

How can you help?

There are opportunities for everyone to get involved, especially those with an interest in birdlife and some previous experience of observing them. This survey is also great for those we can't offer a lot of time, as any single location on Alderney takes less than 1 hour to count. It is a fun and educational way to get to know more about the birds here and get involved with some international conservation.

Vacant Sites: Longis Pond, Mannez Quarry

Surveys take place once a month throughout the year.

To start your Webs  journey please email, expressing your interest and we will get you started.

Here you can find more information about the BTO's Webs Count and look at what has been counted in The Channel Islands before:

Alderney's Birds

Most of the birds found during these surveys are waders or gulls, with the occassional duck, heron and tern. The most prevelant species are:

Ringed Plover


Black Headed Gull


Herring Gull

If you currently do not have time to commit to carrying out these surveys please record any sighting you have and add a casual record.